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Welcome To EDTP Electronics, Inc.

Need an experienced developer for your PIC-based design? Let EDTP Electronics help you. We have been in business for 27 years and have the technical expertise to take your design from prototype to production.

EDTP Electronics design services include hardware design, firmware design, printed circuit board design, printed circuit board assembly and technical writing.



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AIR is short for Anaren Integrated Radio. The 2.4GHz AIR modules measure in at 9 x 12 x 2.5mm. The sub-postal stamp sized AIR module you see riding on an EDTP AIR PLANE houses an integrated crystal, a voltage regulator and all of the associated RF circuitry necessary to support its CC2500 transceiver core.

The AIR PLANE is a hardware conversion tool that pulls the SAMTEC-based 40-pin A2500R24A-EM1 interface into 8 pins that are placed on convenient 0.1-inch centers. Contained within the AIR PLANE’s 8-pin interface are the 4-wire SPI portal, the AIR module GDO0 and GDO2 I/O pins and power and ground points. The AIR PLANE’s converted interface is everything you need to fully access the AIR module’s configuration and data registers.